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BF1-R7 SAH2010 Helmet

BF1-R7 SAH2010 Helmet

At last a budget Open Face Helmet that is truly intercom ready!

These fantastic new helmet's are SAH 2010 Helmets, meaning that they come Pre-drilled with Inserts, so if you're unsure if you want to have a Han's Device, it no longer matters, as with these inserts you can add the Han's Post seperately at a later date with not modification's needed to the helmet, nor will you need to purchase extra stickers or have the Helmet taken to an expert.

They have a fully removable lining and the cheek pads come out on poppers. They also have adjustable sun visors which can be raked up and down.

They even come with their own ear muff's, which have their own locating hole int he helmet, so you can now add your own intercom kit's into these, so no longer do you need to live with intercoms stuck to the inside of the helmets!

The Helmets come in either White or Black, you can purchase them with or without Han's Post and with or without Intercom kits already fitted.

The Intercom kit's fitted are an adaptation of an OMP kit, so a good quality kit, but at a sensible price!

When ordering this Helmet please make sure that you use the Size Chart with these Helmets, as their sizing is different to other's on our Website!

Total Price: 150.00

(125.00 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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