Search Engine Optimisation

IOWebHosting differ from your average Web Hosting company and offer a full service starting with keyword analysis on to design, building and through to hosting. We design sites with search engines in mind and then host them so we can monitor their success. Search engine optimisation isn't an afterthought with us; it�s the driving force behind the site. If its flash and graphics you need were the wrong people to ask, content is king when it comes to search engine placement.

We use many techniques to achieve this and subscribe to, try some of these yourself by following the optimsation rules listed below to increase your rankings.
1  Identify Your Keywords
Determine which search keywords your target audience are using when searching for the products or services you offer.
Examine the web pages provided by your competition and note which keywords they rank well on.
Use facilites such as that offered by to identify the most popular search keywords.
2  Register Keyword Based Domain Names
Register a domain name based on your keywords not your company name.
Web pages should be named after keywords as well, this is especially true with Google.
3  Utilise the Title Tag
Maximise the value of the title tag by ensuring it has a good description that is full of keywords.
Each page should have a different title tag.
4  Make use of Meta Tags
Although not as popular as they were once where some search engines still use these so make sure they are included in your page header.
Each page should have individual description and keyword tags.
5  Utilise Link and Image Text Tags
Ensure all images and links have suitable text tags these are important for building quality links.
We recommend organising links from other sites of a similar subject.
6  Keyword Denisty Mix
Don't overuse your keywords in a page, ensure there is a good balance of descriptive copy and keyword placement
7  Distribute Press Releases
Utilise one of the many free press release tools to your advantage and generate free advertising.
8  Sign up for Web Statistics
Add web statistics to your web hosting package so can tell if your changes are working
9  TAF - Tell A Friend
We can show you how to add a Tell a Friend marketing facililty to your web site.
10  Get Listed on Google for Free
Google receives nearly half of all Search Requests on the Internet, we can get you added without charge.
  Or better still ask us about our Search Engine Optimisation services.